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Workhorse Generation is a charity hub that was setup with 2 clear objectives accumulating to 1 common goal - “One Shared Vision”




It's a simple objective embroiled in so much complexity, we are here supporting tomorrow’s generation as they embark on the trials and tribulations of working life, we aim to listen to them, to guide them to educate them and to be educated by them, to impower while being empowered while working together to better understand and adapt to the challenges faced in this everchanging world we live in.




How best to achieve objective 1 (Easy right?) - Our lives have changed so rapidly over the last few decades with huge advancements in technologies with medical break throughs this all resulting in societal changes and working behaviours that affect us all, its information overload and sometimes we are just hanging on to the coat tales in order to keep up, In business and as parents, we have witnessed the pressures our next generation now face. A need to ‘fit in’, a need to know it all immediately, the need to understand their own bodies, the need to have already nailed society. We have also seen the damaging effects that these pressures can have on today’s young adults, and this is what drives us to understand and support tomorrow’s generation as they embark on their working lives.


The support required is so much bigger than just us, is so much bigger than one charity and, with so many inspirational charities carrying out incredible and humbling work across the country specialising in their various sectors, we wanted to create a place where we could support them. Where we could give them an even bigger voice, a bigger platform in which to operate and push their message. An audience in which they can put their incredible work into action, an area where the generation of today can get some understanding and education on what the generation of tomorrow is going through - from mental health to cancer trust, young careers, knife crime to abuse and so much more. Together we can achieve objective 1 with...

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