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Workhorse Generation SIMON

SIMON Founder



Dad, Husband, Family Man, Sport Lover, Business Owner





Where do I begin? Youth! Loved and supported by the family, close nit group of friends, class clown, know it all who had it all worked out, until he didn't! Until the big wide world chewed me up and spat me out (Small fish - Open Ocean). Until I worked out that after achieving nothing and being academically useless, after letting my family down, I had it all to do, all to prove and the only way I was going to achieve anything was to get my head down. To become a sponge, absorbing any and all information I could and to dig deep by using the only thing I had in my armoury - the ability to graft.

I can't pretend to know what the younger generation are going through, the obstacles they face and the walls they have to break down. However, I can offer help and passion - someone who wants to help make a difference, somebody who has worked his way into a position where he can start placing doors within those walls, giving the younger generation the opportunity to open them. To be able to support and offer any help or expertise I may have to some truly inspirational charities that leave me humbled on a daily basis with the incredible work already being developed and with the help already being given.

I am honoured to be able to help the incredible communities we serve, to give a little back to the world we live in and to help play a small part in building a future tomorrow for the young generation of today. 

SIMON Workhorse Generation
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