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  • Workhorse Generation Team

Greenpath Ventures receive deserved charity support from Workhorse Generation

Visionary Essex based outdoor welfare charity, Greenpath Ventures have been recognised and supported by Workhorse Generation, the new Suffolk based charity hub who will be launching officially in March.

With their vision of bringing people 'closer to nature', Greenpath Ventures deliver valuable outdoor experiences and skills for their community, many of whom would not normally have access to such experiences.

Greenpath Ventures are particularly passionate about increasing and improving access to the outdoors for disadvantaged or disabled young people and adults. They welcome SEN schools, youth clubs, and other organisations working with young people.

Their bespoke activity days include many experiences such as fire lighting, foraging, shelter building, care farming and bushcraft. They work with a wide range of client groups to improve team working, self-esteem, confidence and life-skills and they work closely with the military and emergency services offering outdoor experiences helping with both physical and mental health.

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