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PHIL Trustee

PHIL Trustee



Born in Newcastle, raised in Sheffield, living in Essex. Husband, Dad to four. Business Owner.





I feel very fortunate for my great childhood and teenage years. The fact that I lived those young years without any of it being shared and locked into social media makes me feel even more fortunate.


Now, in my fifties, I see the different issues that my children's generation face. I marvel at the technological progress made over a few decades, I'm excited at how it will help this next generation deliver unthinkable innovation to our world, but I am also anxious at the toll it may take on their mental health. As a parent I will always have worry, but I will also have hope and belief! 


I was honoured to be asked to become a Trustee of Workhorse Generation. A charity hub that supports our next generation, my children's generation. A hub that shares my vision and the vision of their partner charities, who I have huge respect for. They are the organisations with the professionals who have the knowledge and the skillsets to really help, to really support young people through any adversity and who I will learn from and take the inspiration to best perform my role as a Trustee. 


I look forward to continuously learning and thank Workhorse Generation for the opportunity to collectively make a difference.

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