Social media - Lots of teenagers rely on social media as a vital part of their life. We try to live up to the expectations we see online, how we are supposed to look and talk and go about our daily life. Personally, I hate social media. it creates an image that makes us teenagers obsess over how we look and think, comparing ourselves to unrealistic images and creating dysmorphia. Social media also represents famous people and models in a way that makes us think that that’s the way we are ‘supposed’ to look, and that certain body types and shapes are not socially acceptable. I’ve always cared too much about how I look and what people think of me, if I’m pretty enough, if my skin is clear enough, if I’m skinny enough and social media was one of the biggest causes of that.

Society – As a teenager, I’ve grown up to realise that society is very opinionated and judgemental. Society has expectations and boxes which us teenagers must fit into otherwise we are not ‘cool enough’ or ‘socially acceptable’. Some of the effects that society has on us teenagers including myself is the lack of self-esteem, self-hate, neglect, and declines in physical and mental health. 

Mental health – As a teenager, I feel that our feelings are dismissed and misheard. There’s a lack of understanding when it comes to us communicating about our mental health. Sometimes I feel as if my feelings don’t matter, like we are just ignored and pushed aside. Lots of teenagers tend to keep their feelings and emotions inside instead of asking for help. Thankfully, mental health is starting to become more recognised and there are better resources to provide suitable help such as therapy, counselling, hypnotherapy, natural healing, 

Difficulties faced – As a teenager there are many difficulties that we can face, some more difficult than others depending on the person. For example, one of my difficulties was my school/college experience. Bullying and the struggles of school can interfere with mental health, self-esteem, and your perspective. Even though we are teenagers, we still face difficulties that we shouldn’t have to go through.