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“Our long-term goal is to improve the life of every child who attends a Futurestars supported school.”

Simon Milton, Futurestars Director


Futurestars is an exciting education-through-sports programme that offers weekly sports coaching sessions, run by qualified coaches, to underprivileged children in Tema & Accra, Ghana, and Lomé, Togo.


There’s something for everyone in Ghana. Futurestars offer the experience of a lifetime, whilst making a positive and sustainable impact. They have a diverse range of projects that allow their volunteers to help give something back to communities as well as gaining great work experience and skills.

From the bustle of Accra to the stunning beaches and amazing wildlife, Ghana is a wonderful place to visit, and as well as your placement there’s plenty of opportunity to travel around this vibrant friendly country!

Futurestar's Volunteer division, Akwaaba Volunteers have offered a responsible and ethical volunteering experience since 2016. Living in Brannic Lodge hostel –  you can join Futurestars for two or four weeks (or more) and immerse yourself in Ghanaian culture.


Your volunteering will make a positive lasting impact and help change lives and you will have the opportunity to build friendships and use your skills to inspire others.


We offer opportunities for individuals/small groups or organised tours for larger groups of up to 20 people. Our placements are in:


Sports Coaching (football, netball and other sports)


Veterinary care



Companies who join the Futurestars charity project will help change the lives of the children we work with and make a difference to the communities they live in in Ghana and Togo. If you would like to see how we can deliver a Corporate Social Responsibility programme on your behalf please get in touch. Futurestars Director Simon Milton can discuss with you the ways your company can become involved and the work we are able to do with the money we raise..


For the very latest details on Futurestar's projects, please visit their social media links below.

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We are delighted to announce our support for the inspirational charity, FUTURESTARS. Their vision of encouraging values and inspiring young people falls perfectly into 'One Shared Vision' and offers many amazing opportunities for the next generation of both the UK, Ghana and Togo.  

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