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Fraser Cromar
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FRASER Head of Charity Development

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Born in Forfar (Scotland) live in Falkirk. Husband to Kate and Mirryn’s (5) daddy, business owner and Head of Charity Development with Workhorse Generation.




Tough and isolated childhood, bullied throughout school and lived alone from 18 - 30 years old.


Now mid 40’s and I look back on my younger years as if it's someone elses life. Mental health struggles, unable to form relationships and immersed in work to feed the need to have the best materialistic items, cars, motorbikes, holidays, clothes etc, the need to be the funny man striving for attention.

The opportunities over the last few years leading football charities and now working with Workhorse Generation allows me to reflect back on my own struggles of younger years and give help to others that are having similar issues now.

The pressures of being young now are huge compared to how it was in my day and I worry for Mirryn as she develops and grows with the pressures that are out there to ‘conform’ to what's right for a girl.

The drive I have now isn’t for the best materialistic thing going, to be the centre of attention of others, it's by helping others and using my experience and networks to give people the support and guidance they deserve. And of course being the best person I can be each day and the best dad I can be to Mirryn.


What better place to do that than Workhorse Generation?

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