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WORKHORSE GROUP are delighted to have put pen to paper and signed a two season deal as front and back of shirt sponsors in support of Colchester United.


The tie up is extended from the deal that saw Workhorse Group as away shirt front sponsor of the 21/22 season.


With community and 'One Shared Vision' for the future being such a strong part of the company's ethos, Workhorse Group are honoured to have donated the front of shirt for both home and away shirts for the coming 22/23 season to its charity hub WORKHORSE GENERATION, with Workhorse Group featured on the back. 


Colchester United's Football Sales Executive, Ben Conway, said of the deal: "Over the first season of partnership with Workhorse Group, as Away Shirt sponsors, it became very clear that supporting and investing the local community is at the forefront of Workhorse's ethos.

As our partnership has developed, it became apparent that we are united not only in this dedication to both our fans and the local community, but there was also a natural chemistry between the aims, ambitions and ethos of Workhorse Group and Colchester United Football Club. 

We are delighted that Workhorse Group are our Principle Shirt Sponsors for at least the next two seasons, and we look forward to building upon our relationship to ensure that Workhorse Group becomes synonymous with Colchester United Football Club."


Director of Workhorse Group Simon Dickerson added: "It is so important to try and make a difference in this ever-changing world we find ourselves in. Whether environmentally, economically or, as we are trying do here, building a solid foundation of support for tomorrow's generation and generations to come.


As a charity hub, Workhorse Generation act as a one stop call point of support, bring young adults and families together with charities that can help whilst getting charities talking and supporting each other in order to push there message for the people that need them to hear.


Donating the front of the shirt is not just the right thing to do but the thing that’s needed as a foundation to propel the messages of the charities they support".

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WORKHORSE GENERATION were honoured and extremely grateful when WORKHORSE GROUP put pen to paper and signed a two season deal as front and back of shirt sponsors in support of Colchester United and then DONATED the shirt fronts to our Charity Hub for the 2022/23 season - epitomising 'ONE SHARED VISION'.

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