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George originates from London where he lived with his family and had just completed a college course in Public Services, his family decided to move out of London to Brightlingsea when George was eighteen years old, for a young man who had a circle of friends and was used to the London way of life this was extremely daunting.

George Came - Workhorse Group

“George is a valuable member of our team and it's been great to watch him grow through the apprenticeship and put in the hard work throughout the course
as well as his day to day work. 

We look forward to seeing George excel at his next challenge and sharing as a business in his progression. Well done, George, keep smashing it!"

Simon Dickerson
Workhorse Group

George's mother, Lisa was working in the office for Workhorse Group and, in passing, mentioned to George that they had vacancies and were looking for Porters. On the back of that George had a conversation with Simon and started work.

George decided to ‘dig his heels in’ and work hard as a way of getting used to the area and establishing himself in a new town and new way of life. George was quickly noticed by Simon through his work ethic and personality and, because of this, was offered the opportunity of a work apprenticeship after only a few months in business.


Through consultation with Simon at Workhorse George entered into an apprenticeship on the Level 2 Supply Chain Warehouse Operative course ran by Colchester Institute.

The apprenticeship course covered two years working hand in hand with full time employment. The apprenticeship is a self driven course of 700 hours covering multiple areas including manual handling, working at heights and health and safety. As well as working through the apprenticeship George was also internally promoted to Driver.


The end of stage assessment has taken place but that’s not the end of road for George. George is now working towards an HGV qualification at the age of 21, which is the minimum age anyone can drive an HGV.

Congratulations George, great work and good luck!

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